Despite the fact that the child does not go to kindergarten, and almost isolated from the rest of the world is, attacks did not become less. When the boy was taken to hospital, his eyes lit not a single ray of joy, only fear was in them. About Tim said disease in detail, as an adult, and it was terrible to hear the child became actually a bit \'old. It turned out that the diet are dairy products, fruit juices, sweets, chocolates, buy generic mrdoc zyprexa no prescription candy, candy - very yin foods. The child did not get meat, fish and vegetable protein. The treatment begins with the fact that Tim began to eat hot soup, meat, added to food in the onion, garlic, ginger and pepper. Tim liked Ginger Ale. treatment was also elected: massage, moxibustion, heating. In the middle of the treatment process the Timy mother complained that, when the night after the child appeared simple cough vomiting release a huge lump of phlegm (about a pint).
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